What is My Home Worth?

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Selling a home can feel overwhelming! But it does not have to be stressful if you have the right people to work with to guide you through the process.  The first question everyone has on their minds:

What is my house worth? What can I sell my home for?

In order to determine this, I first visit your home for a guided tour of the bells and whistles, the updates and upgrades and find out about your goals in selling.  Armed with this information I prepare a through Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and a personalized Marketing Plan for your home.  The CMA takes a look at homes of similar style, size, location and condition that have sold within a recent time frame.  This, along with knowledge of the current market conditions, help us determine at what price to list your home to maximize sale price with minimal time on market.

How do I stage my home to sell fast and for maximum sales price?

I can help you with staging tips and strategies for making your home shine!

Number one tip: Declutter and then declutter some more!  You are moving, so why not pack up a bit?  You now need to look at your home through a buyer's eyes.  It should be dressed to sell.  You may love your KISS collectibles, but don't distract a buyer's eye with them. You want them to notice your fabulous windows!

Click here to see top staging tips: http://www.hgtv.com/design/decorating/design-101/30-cant-miss-home-staging-tips

How long will it take to list my house?

Not long! It is really up to the seller. What takes the most time is getting the home ready for sale.  Once we sign a listing agreement, we can get started on pictures and getting all pertinent information on MLS.  

What happens when I get an offer on my home?

When an offer comes in we review everything about it, not just the offer price.  It is important to consider the terms of the offer, any contingencies involved ie does the buyer have to close on their home to purchase yours, are they a "strong" buyer, are the time frames set forth good for you? Then if necessary, we counter offer and negotiate for a successful outcome.

What happens when I accept an offer on my home?

This topic needs its own page!

The Full Real Estate Transaction Process

What stays with my house when I sell?

The general rule of thumb is to pretend you can take your home and shake it upside down.  What doesn't fall out, stays! EXCEPT the refrigerator, the washer and dryer unless you intend to leave them behind.  These can be negotiated in an offer.

If grandma's chandelier is hanging over your dining room table and you can't bear to leave it, remove it and replace it with something else before buyers come through and fall in love with it!

If you REALLY want to take something like your antique door knocker, you can write it in as an "exclusion". 

Curtain rods- stay.  Custom built in blinds?  They stay.  Mounted TV? Goes with you but write it in to your listing just in case!

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